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Repair Services

The Kit Cat Service Center is the only facility recommended by the original manufacturer of these wonderful vintage clocks... the California Clock Company. We repair and restore any of the variety of electric plug-in animated clocks made by the California Clock or the older Allied Manufacturing Company. Please note that we do not repair or have parts available for any of the battery powered clocks. Please contact the California Clock Company at Kit-cat.com for your battery clock needs. There are also a number of "look alike" animated clocks such as the Klocker Spaniel and the Simone clock which we are not able to service and unfortunately know of no one who does. We are often asked "how much is it to fix my clock"? While a valid question, there are far too many variables to have a single price to repair all clocks. By far the best approach is to send it to us for evaluation and once we had looked it over we will contact you with our recommendation and the exact cost. When sending it to us, include the tail, the cord and any other parts you may have but please do not send us the original box if you are lucky enough to have that. Also, be sure and include your contact information, especially your phone number with your clock. The following should help give you some idea of what is involved with proper servicing of these clocks. Typical prices are also listed below. In all cases, one should figure on the clock needing a basic service. This entails complete dis-assembly, careful cleaning both inside and out, inspection and adjustment of any issues of binding or such that might shorten motor life or effect operation, reassembly with proper lubrication and then tested for accurate time keeping. The cost for this service is typically $25.00. If the clock has other issues as listed below, they will be at additional cost. Since the electric versions of these clocks have not been made since 1990, the motors have to be at least over 20 years old and are usually due for replacement. If your clock uses a WG500 or CM10 motor, it most likely has a small gear, not available separately, that gets soft with age regardless of if the clock is in use or not. I have seen a number of brand new, never used clocks that needed motors because of this issue. These motors are only available as rebuilt and as such require you to have one to work with or pay an additional core charge. If you have an older clock that has a motor with a pear shaped base and round top, they are available as new motors and not rebuilt. These new motors are excellent but do sit a little bit taller then the original motors and in some clocks will not allow the back to sit perfectly flush. This does not cause any significant issue and the clock will still sit fine on the wall and not even be visible when in use. Replacing the motor in a vintage clock will not typically have a negative effect on the value of your clock. In fact, a properly restored clock with a new motor will be worth far more then a non functioning original one. Some of the clocks are adorned with many shiny stones or crystals.... Swarovski flat backs to be precise. This is sometimes a difficult area to address. When I evaluate a jeweled clock, the first thing I do is flick at every stone on it and often many will go flying. I may get a clock in with three stones missing and after I am done checking there are three dozen gone. The backings are usually damage and I will not glue on used stones. I also get clocks in that their owners have replaced missing stones with cheap thick acrylic rhinestones, often with ugly glue globs. I usually try to get these off, clean up the glue splodges as well as possible and replace then with the correct size and color stones. While I will do no jeweling if insisted upon by the customer, it is usually not that expensive (my price for install crystal is usually less then you can buy at a hobby store) and it makes a huge difference in the final result of the clock. These clocks may have other issues such as broken eye pivots or ear tabs on the back and I have slick ways to repair these. Especially in the case of the eye pivots, repair is less expensive and since the eyes have usually yellowed a bit over the years, the repaired eye will still match it's mate. Broken bodies and other needed repairs are dealt with on a case by case basis. This may be more information then you bargained for but may give you some idea of what is entailed with the proper restoration of one of these valuable collectible clocks. Below is a list of typical prices for the above services. Basic Service- $25.00 Rebuilt WG500 or CM10 motor using your supplied core- $37.50 New older style pear shaped base/round top motor- $45.00 Swarovski flat back crystals, installed- $3.00 per dozen Eye pivot repair- $5.00 each Back ear tab repair- $5.00 each Other repairs priced individually

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